Sustainable Operations

Energy Conservation

Across Cox Enterprises, programs are in place to conserve energy. Some of the projects include: energy-efficient building designs; heating, ventilation and air conditioning; and lighting, among others. Cox's Energy Conservation projects save more than 20,000 tons of carbon annually.

A sampling of Cox's Energy Conservation:

  • Cox Enterprises' corporate headquarters facility in Atlanta received the ENERGY STAR certification as a result of its eco-friendly design features and usage.
  • In New England, Cox Communications has an advanced lighting and HVAC control system that automatically shuts down portions of the building during off-hours. This equipment is expected to yield a 30 percent energy savings. Aging boilers were replaced with new energy-efficient boiler systems that reduce energy consumption by 40 percent.
  • WPXI-TV, a Cox television station in Pittsburgh, constructed an eco-friendly building from the ground up. Seventy-five percent of the building has a raised floor, which makes heating and cooling the building 25 percent more efficient.
  • Cox Communications, along with other members of the telecom industry, signed a voluntary agreement intended to reduce the amount of energy consumed by video receivers. These changes will improve the efficiency of digital receivers by 10 to 45 percent, depending on receiver type, by 2017 and are expected to save more than $1 billion on consumer energy bills annually.

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